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Royal Tien Siang Restaurant @ Robertson Walk

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“Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.”
Boris Pasternak, Russian poet.
I love being surprised, getting surprised and dropping surprises.

royal tien siang

The most unlikely place ever to land up for happy hour.
But I guess that what makes it surprising.
The gang plonked themselves comfortably on the cushy sofas while I looked most bewildered.

happy hr

To boost human traffic and sales, Royal Tien Siang Restaurant goes Happy Hour too!


And so we all ended up with a 3 liters worth of Tiger.
(Though I have to sheepishly admit, Tiger was never quite my choice of drink under any circumstances
50% off, sweet!

One of the many ways to end off a rather mundane weekday.

Royal Tien Siang Restaurant
Robertson Walk

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