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Bagel Brothers @ Frankfurt, Germany

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Finding Bagel Brothers was by no means an easy task battling both the weather and trying to gauge the distance from Google Maps (though thusfar it had proven itself one of the bestest travelmates more primative can it get in the era of GPRS systems?) Lo and behold, when the orange letters were spied from afar, I was leaping for joy...!

Oh yes, does not help at all when all shops were closed on a public holiday. Finding food is as good as it gets sharpening your hunger instincts. Bagel Brothers are red hot popular in Frankfurt and of course, we jumped into the band wagon!


Sundried tomato bagel to munch on!

Lucky Bagel (3,40 €)

Chives, bacon, cream cheese, omelette...hearty breakfast! I adore how the bagels are chewy and dense, gives bread a whole lot more bite! These bagels give a whole lot more meaning to hearty breakfast and to think at one point, I thought Mcdonald's Big Breakfast was IT.

Bagel Brothers

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  1. mcdonald's bagels gave me a bad impression of them, until i tried the ones from some bagel place overseas.

  2. heh yep! those locally seem to lack a certain bite. :)