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Orange Clove Catering @ Botanical Gardens

Special thanks goes out to the friendly and smiley team at Neogarden who made this first ever food tasting session possible. Truth be told, I had my reservations when I first got the invite. Any prior experience with caterers have brought me on foodie adventures, from the likes of ISS and Neogarden to the more exclusive Amici and Purple Sage.

Unbeknown to me, Orange Clove is part of the Neo Group that offers more than the usual catered food fare.  More delicate, more sophisticated...and more than just a regular caterer. Move over Fried Beehoon, Deepfried Springrolls, Samosas and cream puffs, Orange Clove aims to tease and please the picky tastebuds with a newly revamped menu.

Like a wedding or a really belated Valentine's Day celebration, the cordial invited session was. Posies, candlelights, Botanical gardens, rose petals scattered all over..romance was in the air, quite nearly. The only things missing were perhaps a bride and groom to complete this make believe session.

I almost suspected it was a bridal themed party given the location and setting.

The menu of the night...

DIY Salad

DIY Salad Bar, easy to make in fact without the tossing bowl. A nicely concocted salad sauce drizzled upon a bed of greens...throw in some croutons, cucumbers, baby tomatoes...a personal favourite!

Potato Salad

Roasted baby potatoes.

Spring Sushi Platter

Gorgeous looking platter.

Deluxe Canapes

Nibblers that are show stoppers, these look way too cute for the table.

Care for some cream puff egg mayo sandies? Innovative way of marrying cream puff with savory fillings.

Mushroom Buschettas that could do with a bit more spice and toasting.

Prawn salad shooters that could do with a bit more punch.

Assorted Sausage Platter
Honey Chicken

Bite-sized portions makes for easy eating!

Pan-fried Snapper with Miso Butter Sauce

Shaped like rose buds, these were paired with asparagus. 

Penne Pasta with Chicken, Mushroom & Pesto

Time for some carb intake...

Assorted French Pastries
Lemon Meringue, Strawberry Tart, Cheesecake

Pity these were snatched up so quick, I barely had time to react. Those who sampled declared it scrummily delicious.

Wedding Cupcakes! Marshmellow fondant based cupcakes with the Orange Clove logo imprinted on top, the fondant was way too sweet. Peel off the sweet to reveal a moist chocolate chip cupcake. I had at least two of these!

Mango Pudding with Fruit Toppings

Way too watery and sweet.

Fruit Punch 

Adore the idea of macarons doubling up as door gifts. Tiny pops of sugar.These were crafted too soft, the shells fell apart upon touch though props has to be given for a decent attempt on these.

To top it all off, Red and Whites were part of the session...almost like Yum Seng? Orange Clove does complimentary wine tastings at its partner company, Wine Mansion. Felt the red and white was too acidic for me, albeit a rather unassuming first sip..the potency kicked in almost instantaneously.

For the more adventurous couples, Orange Clove does events on board their prestigious fleet!

And there the night ended amidst the revelry and excitement of lucky draws and laughter, almost like a wedding..indeed.

Pictures taken with Nikon D5000.

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