Kim Peng Hiang @ Chinatown

Bak Kwa or Barbequed Pork is a hot favourite during Chinese New Year for most, but for my's a snack we eat nearly all year round! I can eat it as it is, or in sandwiches..or better still, with rice.

Apart from the usual crowd pleasers of Lim Chee Guan or Bee Cheng Hiang, I discovered Kim Peng Hiang early this year during CNY. Had a bite of their ever famous pineapple bak kwa, I'd say yummilicious. It's got juicy pineapples sandwiched in each piece.

What makes KPH stand out from the rest? The flowery packaging...and a flowery shop to boot! The one near Kembangan grabs your attention literally with an entire shophouse painted red with flowery designs all over.
This time, I tried it in its original flavour, surprisingly good and arguably better than the Royalty of Bak Kwa. I've never eaten Bak Kwa in such thick slices (double the thickness of usual bak kwas), giving it better bite and taste. Not that fatty as compared to some I've eaten as well!

You bet I'll be converting to KPH next cny!


Kim Peng Hiang

465 Changi Road (near Kembangan MRT station)
People's Park Complex #01-1036