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Butcher's Block @ Raffles Hotel

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 ~Invited Session~

Butcher’s Block, one of the newest kids on the block for the numerous high-end steakhouses in Singapore, is located at Raffles Hotel and led by Chef Rémy Lefebvre.

I had the pleasure of being invited to try a sample of their new lunch menu offering, which has been revamped to include some dinner staples such as the John Stone Angus Grass-Fed 28 Day Dry-Aged Cote De Bouef, alongside lighter Tostadas snacks that gives the menu a modern and more fashion-forward take on the traditional steakhouse. 

The moment you walk into Butcher’s Block, everything there is styled very Art Nouveau, which is really one of my favourite architecture/interior design styles. Brilliant cobalt blue hues, complementary dark wood panelling and polished brass furnishing and gold accents brightens up any dour mood and lifts the spirits up for in preparation for a Dionysian meal.

Once you walk into the main hall you will see The Vault, displaying fine cuts of meats, but to be honest my attention was instantly directed at The Library right smack at the back wall of the restaurant, which houses gleaming racks after racks of a cultured selection of wines, more than 200 different wine labels, including a good selection of natural wines. They do have an interesting selection of old-world wines as well, from less renowned regions such as Metsovo, Greece, which produces excellent wines.

 A plate of food on a table

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Amazing starters to begin

Chef Rémy has cobbed together an interesting Mediterranean starter menu. We tried the Joselito Iberico Ham that came with a ‘toasted bread and tomato’. Gosh, way-too-humble a description. The ham was waxy and chewy, bursting with meaty flavours, which was a great texture juxtaposition to the Sardinian flat bread with sun-dried tomato relish.

Anchovies De L’Escala was there simply because I adore anchovies. Not everyone does, but these things are usually so full of flavour and this does not disappoint either. Lots of full-own umami goodness but may be too much if you do not like your food with full-bodied and bold flavours.

The oysters, however, are divine. The Butcher’s Block sells Geay oysters from the Marennes-Oléron region in France, and which seemed to be the Fine De Claire variety. All the same, Geay oysters are some of the sweetest oysters I have ever had, and I was exceptionally glad to be served these. 

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2018 Katogi Averoff Inima, Athiri & Assyrtiko

We were introduced to this white wine by the sommelier to go along our starters and I was excited to see this being served. I always liked dry and crisp white wines and this complement food rich in light oil (saw the anchovies?) extremely well. It is citrusy and floral for the nose, and with the same citrusy acidity in the mouth and has an aftertaste of green apples. Pair this with the oysters and/or anchovies for a barnstorming start to the meal.

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Shrimp and Cholula Dressing Tostada

A plate of food on a table

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Octopus BBQ Tostada

It might be strange that a steakhouse serves Mexican-style Tostada, but it totally made sense with the Mediterranean-focused starter menu. The tostadas have a big focus on seafood and are good on their own as well. Expect fresh flavours with little intervention from the kitchen in its flavours so you could really taste the quality of the produce on your own. And from now till end of November 2020, the tostadas are ALL priced at $12 each! (down from $14-$31 as listed on the menu) You must try the Octopus tostada!

A piece of meat on a wooden table

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The much-awaited Cote De Bouef!

No visit to the Butcher’s Block is complete without the star of the whole show, the Cote De Bouef. Grilled to charred-perfection on the restaurant’s, wood-fired Josper grill, the beef is smoked with an oak flavour in this version. Get it done in medium, do not nuke this cow into oblivion, and you would enjoy the fine balanced flavours of fat and protein. 

Do not forget to order some red wine to go with this. In our case, we had a wonderful Italian Red, a 2017 Vignamaggio Terre Di Preazano Chianti Classico Sangiovese DOCG. Fresh red floral bouquet and obvious flavours of dark berries and a slight hint of cream. A fine wine with light tannins which then can showcase better the meaty flavours of this wonderful steak. 

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A fine foray into pairing wine flavours with our steak

The Butcher’s Block is a great contender alongside with all the other big names of steak houses in Singapore and should be right up there on your list for a great date night or a splurge with friends. 

Butcher's Block

328 North Bridge Road (Accessible via North Bridge Road Entrance)

#02-02, Raffles Arcade

Singapore 188719


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