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Shepherd's Pie and Lasagne delivered in 1 hour!


Shepherd's Pie is one of the most underrated party food dishes ever - people assume it is easy to make and almost impossible to go wrong. The truth is, while it is easy to make, it is best eaten piping hot and unless I'm the host and only preparing it just before it is consumed, I would prefer to just order, sit back, relax and wait for my order to arrive! 



Ever been in a situation where everyone wants a quick fix for dinner and fastfood is not an option but you want to please everyone? I find myself in this situation one time too many because I have diners from different age groups to please, the kid, the husband and the parents. Shepherd’s pie is one of the family’s favourite dishes to cook and we have it every now and then.

Have you  had a macaroni and cheese and shepherd’s pie in a single dish? The folks at clearly knew this was lacking and gave us the answer in an all in one dish - Mac ‘n’ Cheese Black Pepper Beef Shepherd’s Pie ($31.90). 



As a consumer, I love being spoilt for choice, this double combo has a special black pepper gravy which makes it all the more appetizing. The mild heat from the pepper, juicy and tender beef, tantalizing mix of cheese, onions and herbs, macaroni, cheese and mashed potatoes! 



It is two mains in 1 single dish – so much to love! Portions are incredibly generous and while it states 4-5 pax, I’d say it’s good for 5-6 pax even! It is so tasty, we kept going back for more. On the downside, this was a tad peppery for the kids but a favourite amongst the adults. The secret ingredient used is sour cream which gives this a slightly sour but super creamy texture. 



Sienna’s Traditional Lasagne ($13.90) [s worth a try! Mozarella, Cheddar, and Ricotta cheese packed between delicious tomato paste and hand-rolled lasagna sheets. The fournado had so many portions of this tangy delight, I guess that says a lot about this Made In Italy special.


Handmade Italian Meatballs ($12.20) on the otherhand were less appetizing, they were rather stiff though the Italian Arriabbata sauce was tasty.

They  have a really extensive menu – sides, pasta, lasagna, shepherd’s pies, burgers and dessert is in the works! Truly a one stop shop for those ordering for finicky eaters, there is truly something for everyone, young and old.

FREE delivery above $70 and get it at your doorstep all in 60 minutes!


Credit: Owari Photography 

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