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CNY 2020: Park Hotel Clarke Quay

~Invited Session~

Park Hotel Clarke Quay should really consider opening a chinese restaurant, considering how talented Chef James is. His annual CNY dishes are never repeated and they have not disappointed. This year, he has gone creative with classics, read on to find out which!


Auspicious Abundance Yu Sheng

The gold specks enticed me, to be honest. The layers of  purple cabbage, carrots, alfalfa, white and green radish flanked by seared USA scallops and sprinkled with a special ingredient. 


Seared USA scallops topped with ikura!


For the Year of the Rat, we have an auspicious fried crispy silver needle ‘loh shu fun’ noodles, this is way more addictive than crackers or keropok! The density of this is so addictive!


Their dressing is a combination of refreshing pomelo, zesty lime and home-made plum sauce together with a generous portion of oil. 




After the dressing up and before the mess.


Tossed and served, I've always enjoyed Chef's James' yushengs, the balance between sweet and savoury is always on point.


Fish Maw Soup was uber comforting and is a good alternative to Shark's Fin. I love the chockfuls of fish maw that was used - every spoon had a generous amount!


Steamed Red Garoupa

Tau cheo is used here to bring to table a Cantonese classic. Firm filet with an appetizing bean paste sauce, this went really well with rice.


Said one of the many servings I had. Tau cheo really makes a world of difference.


Braised Baby Abalone with Chinese Spinach

These baby abalones sure make the dish so pretty and no fighting over the biggest abalone since each is is balanced daintily on a stewed mushroom. Tasty take on a chinese spinach dish!


Steamed Chicken with Chinese Sausage, Lily Buds, White and Black Fungus

Understated steamed chicken dish that was a tad heavy handed in seasoning but went so well with rice. I'd consider this a refreshing change from an over eaten roast chicken dish.


Baked Prawns

Old school but I'm loving this succulent baked prawns topped with crispy bacon bits and served with a 2 style potato salad! Mashed and cubed gives this a creamier finish. 


This noodle dish reminds me of the Moonlight Hor Fun, served with a raw egg. Their version with onsen eggs makes this extra moist.


Breaking them eggs before the big stir up.


So much oomph in a single serve of noodles, eggs, seafood, noodles and egg whites. Gym bunnies do apply.


Chilled Mango Pudding with Lychee Pearls

Last but not least dessert, which I enjoyed, especially popping those lychee pearls. 

Only set menus are available over CNY, prices start from $388+ for 4-5 pax.

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