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Shake Shack @ Jewel

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Shake Shack needs no further introduction and since the days they opened their doors at Jewel, they have redefined "queuing for burgers".


‘Shroom Burger ($10.80)

Burger King's Mushroom Swiss was my first love and I've clearly gotten irritated with the dwindling portions over the years. Meet Shroom that comes with a cheese filled fried portobello mushroom


Dig into this hearty one with gusto to enjoy the burger fully. The juices that spill out and crunch, while I wish for more vegetables, this is one juicy number worth checking out.


Shack Stack ($14.30)

The best of both worlds in a burger - Shack burger and Shrooms burger in one. Sure did not look or feel like two burgers in one, in fact it fits quite snugly into my hand! 


Look at that melty cheese!


Cheese Fries ($5.90)

I thought KFC's versions would have been my kind of comfort food for cheese fries, of course, this was before Shake Shack's version came into the picture literally. Crispy crinkle fries and a dollop of decadent nacho cheese sauce. Lipsmacking good.


Pandan Shake ($6.90)

Exclusive to Singapore, this liquid dessert is not to be missed if you are an ondeh ondeh fan. Richer than the chewy dessert, this is icecream and ondeh ondeh combined and results in a very indulgent and rich dessert. If you believe in going big or going home, this is for you. Sweetened with gula melaka, the coconut is evident in the drink and we are only missing out on the glutinous rice component to make this complete.

Are you sold on Shake Shack already? I am.

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