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Beauty in the Pot @ Star Vista

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~Invited Session~ DSC_6266

Beauty in the Pot has made its way West and this time, they are honouring this opening with a special collaboration with Le Shrimp Ramen. DSC_6287 Fans of the ramen place can rejoice because they have launched  a Hearty Shrimp broth made from big prawns baked, hand ground till fine and simmered for more than eight hours with premium conpoy, clams and spices for more oomph. This definitely gives the hae mee stock a run for their money because it's rich, thick and packed with umami in every drop. DSC_6268

Every visit I get tempted to concoct my own sauce but the broth is always so tasty no further seasoning is required. Anyone else like me?

Red Garoupa


Alaskan Crab Stick


Assorted Balls Platter, Ebiko Prawn Paste and Assorted Dumplings platter  


US Kurobuta Pork


Ox Tongue


Fried Beancurd Skin


Signature Homemade Fish Tofu


We had the usual BITP staples and between the mala and hearty shrimp broth, I veered towards mala. Somehow red meats and seafood taste better in spicy broths, a personal preference actually. DSC_6294 I love it when the broth simmers till the end of meal! All the goodness gets captured in the broth and I can have my broth fix then - so always save space for soup when having hotpot. DSC_6263

What's also new at this outlet is an indoor playground that will entertain children to no end and parents can dine in peace - so much win!

Beauty In A Pot 1 Vista Exchange Green
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