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Szechuan Court Revisited @ Fairmont Singapore

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Headed out with the gang for some kid friendly szechuan food - actually, more because the restaurant itself was family friendly rather than the szechuan food itself and there are non spicy dishes.


Instead of their signature saliva fish slices, we chose beef this time and the change in protein brings about a different experience altogether. Somehow fish slices and chilli oil is way spicier than the beef. No complaints here and I do prefer fish too for this dish!

DSC_3299 DSC_3300

This feels just like CNY with sea cucumber, mushrooms and seasonal vegetables and I was completely right because it tasted just like that!


Single portion steamed sea perch in superior soy sauce for the children and it was so well received, the littlest was scraping the plate for more! So much win here, considering perch has a lovely oily after taste and no bones!


Cereal prawns is usually a crowd pleaser and their version comes with a sprinkling of chilli padi - yummy!


Sweet and sour pork is my weakness and their comes with crispy pork fritters doused in sweet and sour sauce. Hard to go wrong when it is so appetizing, more rice please.


Out of greed, we caved into roast chicken which was unfortunately way too salty.

There are hits and misses at Szechuan Court and I'd like to think they do better cantonese than szechuan dishes. Perhaps it is time to hand the reins to the Chef and just go authentic szechuan, eh?

Szechuan Court
Fairmont Singapore

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