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Dorizgoh Bakes

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The great thing about knowing likeminded foodies is we trade tips where to get the yummiest in our opinion and thanks to a tip off, I get acquainted with Doris and her bakes. She's got a limited menu of swiss cheese rolls and surabaya cakes but I guess that does make her a specialist of it?


Pandan Cheese Roll ($30)

This is a childhood weakness and so far Bengawan Solo does it best - if only their prices did not keep going up and the amount of cheese diminish.

I love pandan fragrance and boy did this smell right out of a pandan fragrance perfume bottle - It was so addictive!


They come in a full roll or minis and I had mine sliced at home.

Fluffy, fragrant and so delicious, this is truly one that would make us pledge allegiance to. If only there was not a 1 week advanced notice required and I can have it anytime I like!

Yam Swiss Roll ($30)


In comparison, this was less satisfying somewhat. More of yam essence than yam itself and it was coloured a tad too dark. Yet that said, the consistency of the sponge is still a win.

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