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Mikuni Revisited @ Fairmont Singapore

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Back at Mikuni with the littlest and I guess this visit was to test how child friendly Mikuni is and if it will be a constant in our future meals.

This visit we made a point to try dishes from all their counters again just to see if standard has been maintained since Chef Moon moved to Dubai.


These ebi crackers have been welcoming us since we started patronizing Mikuni - I'm not a fan of these well worn out wooden sake cups though - the signs of wear and tear is too much. That said, the crackers are still addictive!


Dragon Maki ($35) from their innovative sushi menu is for the adventurous. Prawn tempura and grilled eel in a roll and I'm not sure what the traditionalists would think of this bastardised version. Given that Mikuni is not a classic Japanese restaurant anyway, I'm not complaining - their rolls are actually really decent.


Tamago Sushi ($10) just for the littlest and he definitely enjoyed this. You can make orders out of the menu like we did!


Tsukune ($28)


I miss their robatayaki and should have requested for seats infront of the Robatayaki! Grilled and glistened in teriyaki sauce, this is my must order alongside Kagoshima beef skewer!


Garlic Rice ($12)
King Crab Fried Rice ($18)

These two teppanyaki counter favourites are worth trying - I've been ordering king crab fried rice for so long, I actually forgot how a normal garlic rice tastes like. Aromatic and fluffy, the rice is hardly oily and so tasty!


Vegetables just because we need the greens.


Tempura Vegetables ($18)
Tempura Moriawase ($38)

 The good thing about Mikuni is they cover an assortment of Japanese dishes and would have a dish for every palette yet this makes them a jack of all trades for some selections. Tempura is one of them - average though acceptable.


Pork Katsu is another of those rather mediocre dishes, not the best eaten.


Wagyu Don ($58) to end off this tummy busting meal with, look at the marbling of the beef!

We've reconciled with our favourites this visit and will be back for more.

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