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DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe @ Marina Bay Sands

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Themed restaurants are not my thing but DC Comics Super Heroes was near Sands Theatre and dinner had to be settled before my musical began. Not much choice apart from the food court that is perpetually burgeoning with people.

We originally planned for pizza but the dough needed to rise and that would have taken 45 minutes - I'm not sure if it was the sheer timing of dinner at almost 645pm but having to wait 45 minutes for it sounded too incredulously long. If anything, they do their pizza doughs in house and that did pique my curiosity for a return.

Aquaman VS Black Manta Burger ($28.90)
Mentai prawn and cheese patty in black pepper bun, mesclun salad, shoestring fries

Since it was the first visit to the cafe, I had to give these themed burgers a go as well. Comes with a cheese cut out logo atop my black bun which honestly did not taste like black pepper much save for the colouring. The patty was another story altogether - juicy, crusty and legit save for too much salt that was used. Overall a burger than exceeded expectations.

Black Pepper Tenderloin ($44)

For the price tag, I'm not sure if it met up to expectations - a-okay it was, and it came with hanselback potatoes with a sour cream and bacon topping. Atas vegetables indeed.

My first visit was pleasant and the quality of food surprised. If this already makes a non-DC fan so thrilled, I can imagine how the fans feel towards this cafe.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe
Marina Bay Sands

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