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VENUE by Sebastian @ OUE Downtown

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Since Ember days, I have been missing Chef Sebastian's dishes and for good reason really, he offered one of the best value set lunches in town and we always have such a swell time I was sorely disappointed when he left, standards dropped and subsequently Ember pulled its shutters.

VENUE by Sebastian showcases the prowess of both Chef Sebastian and Chef Jonathan formerly from Artichoke (another personal favourite). We headed for the sharing menu just to taste everything and not be overly stuffed.

Housemade sundried tomato bread 

An Ember classic, except no refills and portions seemed to have shrunk.

Foie gras mousse, toast

Our toasts were first served burnt and we were told to flip them over - and thankfully they did entertain another batch of garlic toasts which were really tasty with the smooth as velvet foie gras mousse.

Silken tofu, le jardin de robelais tomatoes, mesclun, sesame dressing

So far no salad has gone wrong with sesame dressing and neither did this.

White bait, chilli salt

I liked this actually, perfect nibbles before the heavyweights are served.

Hand cut pasta, duck ragout, parmigianno-regano

Simmered in beef stock, this flavourful dish is great for sharing, except that it was definitely missing out on some oomph.

Wood grilled chermoula chicken, charred lemon

Probably sous vide prior to grilling since some parts of the chicken arrived pinkish and the meat was too tender for my liking. Nothing wrong but a matter of preference - I prefer my kampung chickens.

Grilled octopus, white bean puree, burnt butter

One of the better main courses - the flavours were on point and nothing outstanding though.

Duck confit, truffle emulsion, mesclun, lemon mustard vinaigrette

Too salty though it was a good execution of a duck confit.

Iberico pork jowl, gremolata, lemon

Favourite, enough said. I love how pork jowl gives the right bite - chewy and meaty without being too fatty. LOVE.

Chocolate fondant, vanilla icecream

Molten chocolate cake with vanilla icecream, and it wasn't even vanilla bean. Anal much? I guess the bar has been set and it was oh-so-passe and ordinary to say the least. The saving grace? It was molten.

Pear tart crumble, baileys icecream

Tarts are Ember's signature and especially pear tart, I definitely had my hopes high for this one. Unfortunately, while the pastry worked the pears were bland.

Tiramisu, kahlua, wild cherry, kirsch

Another mehdinary dessert.

For the number of courses, sure we have the value but nothing about the meal was what Ember was great for. Perhaps some memories are better left as memories and not revisited.

$50++ per pax, min 4 to dine

VENUE by Sebastian
Downtown Gallery, #01-02
6A Shenton Way

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