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Siri House @ Dempsey

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~Invited Session~
Siri House is right smack in between an art museum and a showroom gallery and it was an experience making my way through all the concepts. These days restaurants are no longer just restaurants, it becomes an experiential journey altogether.
DSC_2934 DSC_2935 DSC_2938
We were immediately served beef fat popcorn and these had to be the best ones eaten piping hot. Crisp and well popped (I have a pet peeve with popcorn with kernels still embedded within), beef fat had a hand in ensuring these were sinful yet so addictively delightful. They are served as and when the kitchen serves them so I guess I was lucky that night.
Chicken in a Biscuit ($12)
Chicken fat cookie, spiced cream cheese, crispy chicken skin
My childhood definitely had a place for Chicken in a Biskit, the blue packaging with its signature font and rooster mascot rings such a familiar bell. I'm not sure how many boxes of this overly savoury crumbly biscuit I've consumed but it definitely ranks tops as a favourite snack. A pity these days the recipe seemed to have been tweaked a time too many and tastes nothing like its glorious days. Oh and not to mention, they tasted best refrigerated.

Chef clearly shared the same childhood snack memories with me when he decided to up those calorie stakes with chicken fat, chicken skin and god knows what other sinful ingredients went into the spiced cream cheese. So good, I have officially lost this battle against chicken fat.
Smoked Milk Fish Croquette ($20)

Available on their daily specials, these breaded delights are great for sharing and are heavier on potato than milk fish.
Spicy Potatoes ($16)
Hasselback potatoes, mala mayo, beef lardons, parmesan

The usual portions are double of what I was presented with mainly because of the sheer number of dishes that were presented. Sold on mala mayo that gave this a very mild yet addictive spicy finish to the crisp and fluffy potatoes. Hasselback potatoes for the kill in this dish.


Never say no to burrata, so simple and so good!


Smoked soft shell crab, burnt garlic aioli, jicama slaw

I enjoyed the jicama slaw very much, the spicy notes on this made this not just any soft shell crab dish.


Grilled Duck Breast, White Beet, Plums ($28)

Medium doneness and it's incredible how this melts away into tenderness.


Pappardelle ($33)
Handmade Pasta, crustacean cream, pan roasted tiger prawns and mussels
This hae mee takes the cake with its broth that takes hours of simmering and reducing before this creamy base is served. Umami in every slurp infact. The smooth pasta sheets are a joy too, except together some fireworks are lost. Two very strong headed characters in a single plate and for me, the crustacean cream definitely outshone everything else.


Cod ($38)
Seared chilean sea bass fillet, asari clams, mushroom dashi
DSC_2979 DSC_2982

Japanese influences are strong in this, especially with the clams and light tasting mushroom dashi.


Melting Port Rum ($24)

Resembles a butter beer, this comes with a clever design trick of melted "butter" and a sweet concoction to end things off.

Apple and Icecream ($17)
Calvados caramelised apples, brown sugar oat crumble, clove icecream

Apple crumble deconstructed in a pretty dessert, this is bound to please with its pleasant flavours.

S’mores ($18) 

Egg-free marshmellow sandwiched between homemade cinnamon biscuits before a sinful coat of Valrhona Manjari dark chocolate and raspberry puree is added. I loved the tartness in this, none of the cloying and predictable richness that comes with chocolate.

Siri House helmed by Chef Ming from Lollahouse brings to table a brand new experience, very earnest, very innovative and with an ever changing menu, my interest is piqued.

Siri House

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