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CNY 2019: Park Hotel Clarke Quay

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~Invited Session~

After Christmas comes Chinese New Year and the single question that remains on a lot of our minds is - when will the diet start? Almost never since the good food keeps rolling in.


Auspicious Abundance Yu Sheng

All eyes on those gorgeously red crayfish draped in parma ham atop a mountain of vegetables.



I do anticipate plenty of pig shaped yushengs next year and was pleasantly surprised to find yabbies and parma ham in Park Hotel Clarke Quay's version. Parma ham for year of the pig, geddit? The colours were so outstanding here.

The tangy sauce made this chinese salad so outstanding - I had so many helpings I clearly forgot there were other dishes in the line up. Not to mention the sweet yabbies


Superior Braised Shark's Fin with Crabmeat and Homemade Stuffed Crab Claw

Replacing the usual shark's fin broth is this two in one dish - you get both shark's fin soup and a stuffed crab claw. So much win, and mighty delicious.


Steamed Red Garoupa with Chinese Mushroom and Dry-Cured Jinhua Ham

Hands down for being thoughtful here and sparing the servers from massacring the dish to no end. These garoupa fish slices were incredibly tender despite being sliced and steamed, the precision is on point I'd say! Simple but perfectly executed.

Money Bag with Diced Chicken, Broccoli, Mushroom, Bamboo Shoot and Dry-Cured Jinhua Ham

Auspicious runs true with this money bag dish, these larger than usual money bags are plumped with a generous stuffing of vegetables, meat and jinhua ham. I wish I had space for more but let's not be too greedy here.


Size for reference.


Stir-fried Squid, Scallop, Prawn and Asparagus with XO Sauce in Crispy Yam Basket

I love my yam rings with a vengeance, and the love extends to yam baskets too. Delectable seafood pieces nested in this equally delish crunchy basket, I think I prefer yam baskets to rings now.


Steamed Fragrant Rice in Lotus Leaf in Duck Meat, Chinese Sausage, Egg White, Salted Egg and Root Vegetables

One would definitely not expect steamed rice to be as good as fried rice sans the wok hei. Major plus point, I actually welcome this way more than lotus leaf glutinous rice, it filled me up well, just not over the top like the latter would.


Chilled Coconut Pudding with Passion Fruit Pearls

At long last, we reached dessert and I am once again thankful for any other dessert apart from red bean soup with orange peel?

It was spectacular and so good, I booked my own CNY gathering here! Can't wait to revisit my favourites again. No doubt this is not a restaurant but the creativity and quality of food does not make this any less attractive as a dining location.

8-Course Ultimate Success: $658++ per table of 9 or 10 diners
8-Course Prosperity: $598++ per table of 7 or 8 diners
7-Course Longevity: $538++ per table of 6 or 7 diners
6-Course Harmony: $378++ per table of 4 or 5 diners

Park Hotel Clarke Quay

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