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CNY 2019: Gu Ma Jia Private Kitchen @

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~Invited Session~

Living in Singapore can be a major blessing when there are choices over CNY and if hotel restaurants do not suit your budget, there are always restaurant chains. Gu Ma Jia was founded by its owner, endearingly known as Gu Ma who has more than 3 decades of cooking experience under her belt selling her signature chicken rice and wanton noodles. 


Vinegar Enzyme Drink ($4.80)

Purportedly aids digestion, this sour drink actually worked well for the meal ahead - we had simply too much to eat!


Gu Ma Jia Award Winning Fish Head Curry ($30)

I was really keen on this since it was fish head curry! It arrived piping hot and please get rice to accompany this - curry and rice is pure happiness on earth! The gravy was so light, we kept drinking from it and this would actually work as a soup dish.

Prices differ for red snapper and grouper.


Kyoto Pork Ribs ($20)

This is set on fire in the kitchen and brought out blazing.


Saucy ribs which is similar to champagne ribs with some theatrics to match.


Grouper Sweet and Sour Sliced Fish ($32)

Before this dish, I did not realise how well lychees go with fried fish and sweet and sour sauce. The textures worked very well for this and I liked the ratio of fish to batter here!


Kai Lan Yuan Yang ($24)

Kai lan done two ways and this suits those who like the best of both worlds!


This totally spells confinement food and theirs was really heavy on hua tiao and ginger. Perfect for rainy weathers!


Ending off the meal with a healthy dessert of peach gum, red dates and goji berries!

The team at Gu Ma Jia takes pride in their No msg, less oil, less salt and less sugar philosophy and this shows in their dishes. Their CNY set menus start from $398 for 6 pax! Do book early to avoid disappointment.

Gu Ma Jia Private Kitchen 
45 Tai Thong Cres, Sennett Estate

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