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Burlamacco Ristorante @ Amoy Street

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Burlamacco has been around for quite a long while and sometimes it takes a weekend and two no opinion foodies to just wing it and check out a place on our list. Reservations made and we scored our seats yet last minute they managed to accommodate our request for a baby chair - big brownie points for that.


Freshly baked focaccia loaves were served almost promptly to help us deal with the cranky toddler and subsequently refills.


Pot-Cooked Black Mussels in White Wine and Herbs ‘Guazzetto’ ($24)

I love my mussels plump with juice, cooked just right and laced with wine. The balance of alcohol and herbs is great, I'm not a fan of tasting alcohol in my food. This was so good, we fought for the last drops. Perfect with their baked focaccia if you even have any remainders by the time the dish is served.


Green Asparagus ($14)

Nothing to rave about though this arrived the latest.


Linguine with Boston Lobster Tail in Spicy "Arrabbiata" Sauce ($34)

Typically spicy pasta spells unauthentic yet the Asian in me was just curious to try this dish and lobster had a part to play for sure. The crunchy texture of the lobster was sufficient to get me sold, not to mention al dente pasta and chilli padi - so local, so delicious.


Cacciucco’ Traditional Tuscan Seafood Stew with Garlic Bruschetta ($40)

Then one would think with two soup dishes it would get boring - how wrong, because effectively they are different types of dishes. If in Italy, this would have been the day's freshest catch in a broth. This had us both at wow, robust and rich in every spoonful. Mussels, prawns, scallops, prawns and a single half lobster made us so belly happy.

Seafood is their strength at Burlamacco and I look forward to checking out other dishes too.

Burlamacco Ristorante
77 Amoy Street

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