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Koh Sushi and Grill Revisited @ Wisma

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koh3 Wow, has it been 5 years since I paid Koh Sushi a visit? They've gotten slightly more space and the queue system less chaotic. I remember waiting up to 30 minutes in line for a table but by a stoke of luck we scored one almost immediately.

Prices seemed to be constant and portions similar to how I remember them to be. Here's my chowdown,


I definitely got caught in the whole fried fish skin business, I had them dunked in mayo and they were so addictive!


Pitan Tofu ($4)

The same dish I try to replicate at home and I'd say, I've mastered it pretty well! This is a reminder why I should eat at home more often, pricey portions! Chilled tofu with diced pitan and topped with pitan sauce and spring onions. Sounds that easy? It is that easy!


Shiok Maki ($16.80)
Grilled eel

Shiok Maki Version 2 ($16.80)
Prawn Tempura

Koh Sushi and Grill is famous for these shiok makis that resonate so well  with locals - whether or not it's the name or the hype of this ingredient laden dish, eating the same dishes so many years later, I'd have to say - either standard dropped or I have eaten so many better dishes. Both struck me as too sweet. The prawn tempura was cold and the least I would have expected is to have it lukewarm.

Tak shiok, these were hinging on.


Yakitori (from $2 a stick)
Shisamo, Pork Neck, Bacon with Asparagus, Tsukune

A tad too charred and by the time I made it to these, they were barely piping hot.

This trip back to a restaurant from yesteryears just reminded me what I loved 5 years back - cream, pitan tofu and well, flying fish roe.

Koh Sushi and Grill
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