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Long Jiang Seafood (龙江海鲜) @ Clarke Quay

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~Invited Session~

Long Jiang Seafood has made it way into the heart of Clarke Quay with this new outlet and offering diners comforting dishes with a Sichuan touch.


Double Boiled Crocodile Soup

I love my soups and I have my Cantonese roots to thank for this appreciation.


Like any regular double boiled soup, this had the full works for a hearty affair. Tum warming and packed with so many delicious ingredients, like snake meat soup there was a lovely warmth to it.


Steamed Shark Meat was all collagen and bones. A massive spectacle to behold actually and the generous serving of spring onions and fried lard bits made me salivate.


No need for collagen drinks or hotpots, get it straight up and neat off this dish!


I already love my yong tau foo and these crispy beancurd skin pockets stuffed with prawn paste was absolutely delicious.


These stuffed brinjals remind me of yong tau foo still and the gravy is spot on - tasty and so yummy with just rice alone!


Roast duck is another must try with the crispy skin and tender meat. One cannot say no to duck and aromatic is its middle name. I headed straight for the duck legs which had the crispiest meat and skin!



Chilli Crab with Mantou makes its appearance on the menu alongside Black Pepper Crab! I actually liked the black pepper better - that peppery fragrance and spiciness that lingers somehow trumps our national pride. That said, the crabs are succulent!



KL Seafood Hokkien Mee ($22)
Calamari, Live Prawn, Sliced Fish, Clams

Sweet, saucy and slurpworthy! I've not tried the KL version but word has it, it is as satisfying. I wish they served this first before I got so stuffed from the other dishes.


Monk Fruit "Luo Han Guo" Treasures Tea ($3.50) is one of their assortment of homemade drinks. Perfect for the erratic weather!

The dishes served are definitely not run of the mill, infact hinging on delicacies. Great culinary skill exhibited in the dishes and I will be back for their signature congee and noodles.

Long Jiang Seafood
Clarke Quay

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