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Festive Weekend Brunch @ Salted and Hung

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I have had plenty of good meals and a number of poor ones this year and the Hubba and I were determined to make the last one a smashingly impressionable one - so why not head for the classics? Originally the plan was to end off with Ki-sho but that happened weeks early so we decided to head for a place good and easier on the pocket.



Words of edible wisdom.

We've been fans of Chef Drew and Salted and Hung for a while now but a first for their Sunday brunch - an all you can eat ala carte buffet.

Pacing is very important for their buffet since we were cautioned against overdosing on the chacuterie or antipasti.


Charcuterie and Antipasti Bar


The spread was an adequate showcase of their curing techniques, I only wish lardo was more available!


Cured Salmon, Burnt Cream, Kelp

Home cured salmon just upped the game by several notches.


Halibut, Caviar Crostini

I mistook this for crabmeat, so tasty and the halibut was hardly fishy. Infact I'd not have thought this is even fish if I blind tasted tested this.


Portobello Egg on Toast

The new brunch staple - earthy meets creamy.


Freemantle Octopus, Quandong, Sweet Corn was made perfect with those slices of lardo. I could just eat heaps of that without any other ingredients. Hell yeah to lard.


Duck Roulade, Roasted Roots, Cranberry  would definitely give suckling pig a serious run for its money. I enjoyed it skin, fats and all, duck confit could be the only duck dish I can order over and over again, until duck roulade comes along and changes that game.


Wagyu Ragu, Homemade Pasta, Beef Fat Crumbs

Ban mian gone western with a touch of beef fat and hearty beef ragu.


Mussels, White Wine, Herbs was an awakening dish - I have been overcooking my mussels all these while! These were juicy, flavourful and boy, so addictive.


Wagyu Rump Cap, Onion, Beef Fat Potato makes your money worth while if you eat this and really nothing else. So succulent and that sprinkle of sea salt is heaven on earth kinda yum.


Beef fat potatoes? Like poutine, only way way way way WAY much better.


Baked Ham, Rum Spiced Pineapple just because it's festive. I actually liked the pineapple more than the ham.


Panettone, Custard, Drunken Fruit is a typical Italian dessert served at Christmas and the store bought ones have sworn me off it. I guess nothing beats the freshly baked ones anyway - so here's my first proper and very delicious panettone.

Log Cake, Spices, Cherries made for a serious case of chocolate swiss roll with drunken cherries.


Mont Blanc to end things on a snowy note. Don't we all love a wintry holiday somewhere with the air so crisp and cold and that French pastry.

I'd say I am terribly sold on their Sunday brunches, after this one. More returns planned!

$75++ per pax

Salted and Hung

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