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Coco Ichibanya @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

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Bukit Bintang is unfortunately not one of my favourite places to visit in KL, given the traffic that made a 15 minute drive three times longer than necessary on a Friday night. Throw in Christmas and say silent night, holy night already.

We had to make do with the shorter and seemingly faster moving queue (I mean they are chopchop curry pok in Singapore, so I thought we could accept it with a bit more delay?) Turned out the delay morphed into a horrific two hour affair, an hour for the first dish to arrive and almost two for five plates and a miso soup to be rectified piping hot.


Chicken Cutlet Curry (RM 20)


Black Pepper Chicken Curry (RM 22)


Spinach, sausage and corn (RM 7)

Cooked with margarine and it had more sausage and corn than spinach - I can only imagine the chaos in the kitchen and the cook cursing at my add ons.

The experience was definitely falling short of what Coco Ichibanya is capable of - we paid a fraction and definitely received a fraction in service and quality. Mcdonalds would have done a better job.

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