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TW Original Cake @ Sunway Velocity, Kuala Lumpur

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I cannot leave Malaysia without eating an egg sponge cake - and I was even toying with the idea of ordering the famous 3D Durian Cakes as a logcake but it was too pricey to pay for a 1.2kg durian cream cake. And then I found out TW Original Cake has an exclusive flavor!


Original flavor is the only one baked freshly, the other flavours are chilled.

Durian King (RM 30) unfortunately is not made on the spot, they are already chilled when we got ours and I guess hot durian cake hinges on gross tasting anyway?

The consistency is there except the cakes had plenty of cracks, from the freshly baked to the chilled ones so if appearance matters then this outlet at Sunway Velocity does not make the cut.

That said, we had our cheapest "logcake" in years and boy, it was delicious. It does taste like durian cream cake with the durian pulp woven in cleverly. Do give this new flavor a try when you're in Malaysia!

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