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Tokyo Milk Cheese @ Raffles City

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Tokyo Milk Cheese is ALSO in town! Looks like I'd be seeing plenty of Japanese confectionery boxes making their rounds this Christmas and Chinese New Year and no more dragging boxes of these home anymore from my Tokyo and Hong Kong travels.


The promise of all things good and creamy.


The soft serve counter has been causing quite a buzz and with their cheese soft serve up for grabs, I just had to join the queue though I was really keen on the Cow Cow Ice Sundae - a combination of  soft serve and cheese cake!

It's got a queer texture, somewhat foamy and light. My twist soft serve ($4.50) had both flavours - Cheese and vanilla which were acceptable and turned out too heavy for a post lunch dessert even.

At $5.50 I'm already wondering if I should have gone straight for a Godiva cone instead.

Tokyo Milk Cheese
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