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Pepperoni Revisited @ Frankel Avenue

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It's always nice to have a pizzeria in the 'hood so when the need arises I need not trudge to town or even have to dress up properly just to fix that craving. I do miss the days of ordering their XXL pizzas and fighting to eat the crispier slices - those were the days where my appetite was that bottomless!


The toddler had great fun watching pizzas getting baked and even attempting to steal from the bucket of mozzarella cheese! So I'd highly recommend Pepperoni for this engaging open kitchen they have which saved us some peace!


Chilli Crab ($24)
crab meat, mozzarella, egg, onions, chilli crab sauce, coriander

Handpulled and tossed pizza base with a national day flavor - sell me chilli crab anything and I am sold. On the sweet side and lacking in some pow wow spiciness, this version is hardly authentic.


We headed the carbonora way to have a balance of tomato and cream based dishes. A tad heavy on cream, the noodles tasted close to mee pok than tagliatelle.


I guess bacon lights any dish up and picking this was a better decision than the pizza.


Truly, I do need a lot of love to get through the meal at Pepperoni. Standards seemed to have taken a dip or the choices I made were a combination for failure.

Pepperoni Pizza
95 Frankle Avenue

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