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Nyonya Restaurant TreatsRevisited @ Taman Perling

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I originally planned to check out another peranakan eatery but Nyonya Restaurant Treats was so memorable - I cannot deal with two disappointing meals in a day so we headed back!


Irresistible ngoh hiang (RM 12) since their kuehs and kueh pie tees weren't available.


Their pineapple squid curry was the bomb, the prawn version (RM 37) is equally scrumptious. That piquant gravy is good enough for me to drink neat.


The belachan is different from the last we had and still as tasty with a plate of blanched ladies fingers (RM9).


The fish head curry (RM 49) that we did not have enough space for the first time round - soooo gooooood. It hit all the spicy and sour notes to a T, fresh fish head and the slew of vegetables tossed in made for a super meal on its own. Worth every calorie and delicious to the last drop.


Braised Chicken and Potatoes in this Pong Teh Chicken (RM 17) was the least peranakan of the dishes, infact, very homecooked and ordinary.

Second visit and still a fan of this place but I'd say choose your dishes wisely for the best experience at Nyonya Restaurant Treats.

Nyonya Restaurant Treats
280, Jalan Simbang, Taman Perling, 81200 Johor Bahru

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