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Hawker under a brideg near Tebrau Tesco

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Since breakfast was so unsatisfying and we had a spot of grocery shopping to do nearby, I was actually tempted for the first time to try this make shift hawker stall under the bridge a stone's throw away from Tebrau Tesco!

I mean look at the parked cars all for it, has to say something right?


Upclose of the diners, there was an array of dishes and easily 20 of them laid in open containers and the dishes were scooped according to preference.


All for under RM 4. Tempeh, a radish curry and fried chicken. I swear this has to be the darndest random food discovery of the year. Malay fried chicken still ranks tops next to Indonesian fried chicken as yummiest around - probably the oil used but nobody's complaining when the food is so good!

I am usually not a fan of curries with light gravies and this had me at hello.

Now, this goes into my list of must eats everytime we head in for groceries!

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