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Gallery and Co Revisited @ National Art Gallery

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Otak Otak Taco ($17)

I can never get enough of their otak tacos, there's just something about thick otak fillets and that crispy batter that gets me selecting it over and over and over again. Pomegranate and corn is genius and that is the only combination I'd eat without fuss - I mean, who would voluntarily eat pomegranate without the seeds grating on your nerves?


Lemongrass Ribs ($18)

Thrice a charm or more actually, this has been another of those perpetual orders. Meaty ribs coated with a fragrant lemongrass marinate,


Spiced Roast Chicken ($17)

Of the grain plates, this is my favourite. For one, I am terrible at resisting juicy chicken drumsticks and a sauce so tasty. My only grouse is the side salad being so puny in portions.


Grilled Tiger Prawn Salad ($15)

Twice charmed, there is just something about mangoes and pomegranates that get me so hooked tie and again. Not forgetting the on point grilled prawns...and truly, not all salads are made equal. This one ranks tops for me.


Grilled Pork Adobo Burger ($18)

There are 3 festive items on their menu - the spiced roast chicken, burger and a Christmas dessert. This marries Filipino flavours into a tantalizing must order, I usually shun pulled pork dishes because either the pork is overcooked or the seasoning is done too sweet. This, is just right with a mild heat too and pickled vegetables!


Logcake Slice ($6)

Way too sweet unfortunately - from the swiss roll to the cream.

As it is, Gallery and Co is my favourite casual hangout for both children and adults. The open spaces makes it such a great play area for the toddler and reasonable prices makes dining at the Gallery - affordable!

Gallery and Co
National Art Gallery

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