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Christmas at Plain Vanilla

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I cannot imagine Christmas without Plain Vanilla's seasonal cupcakes - to the extent of it becoming a must-do every year.


Dark Chocolate Whiskey is made for those with a penchant for all things dark, rich and well indulgent. The dark chocolate cake is spiked with whiskey, piped with a dark chocolate ganache center and topped with a hand rolled whiskey chocolate truffle.

Count the number of times whiskey is mentioned - I swear I can get drunk on these whiskey treat alone.


Spiced Maple Bourbon pays tribute to eggnog, not quite my favourite festive drink truth be told. This was almost too tame for Christmas, almost like vanilla gone naughty. That maple bourbon fudge however should be sold separately.


White Chocolate Gingerbread man is a personal favourite this medley, the spiced gingerbread cake comes with a cheesecake swirl, crushed gingerbread crumbs, cheesecake frosting and a gingerbread man cookie. Did I already mention it's a white chocolate whipped cream?

SOLD, many times over.


The delicious trio, and thank god for twelve days of Christmas for me to get my seasonal fix!

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