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Chicken Up @ Parkway Parade

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Think Chicken Up and Korean fried chicken comes to mind but they actually offer more than their famous wings. Their platters feed 2-3 pax pretty comfortably and thanks to Entertainer, I had two of such platters amongst 3 of us which was clearly too much - but I do love seeing the table full of food!

Case in point. Both platters had different ingredients and had different flavor profiles but ample cheese - HOORAY.


UFO Snow Squid ($38)


This bean paste based stew was served with a full battered squid with rice cakes, gyozas, cheese, corn and kimchi fried rice too. Very hearty indeed. My only grouse is the stove was too hot and we were not exactly briefed how to control the heat either so my kimchi soup ended up bubbling all over the other compartments too.


The Bulgogi Beef  ($32) version came with mung bean noodles, mushrooms, cheese, grain rice and beef of course! This leaned towards the sweeter side which was a nice contrast to the strong flavoured squid pot.

Both platters were laden with MSG but just so satisfying polishing everything off the hot plates. I will be back for more of these platters.

Chicken Up
Parkway Parade

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