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Ben's @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur


Years back, Ben's had one of the hottest tables in town and years later, it seems the popularity has waned. They held our tables for more than an hour and even then was not filled and came with barely there service.


Crispy calamari that was neither crispy nor crunchy, the loosely coated batter was almost falling off these rubbery rings and even the aioli could not redeem the dish. Boo.


I swear we all laughed out loud when this steak sandwich arrived coated in cheese and beef toppings. Well, I'd give them some credit, there was actually beef slices within but this definitely does not make the cut as a legit-ly good steak sandwich worth an order.


Sold on truffle, I get a bowl of oily burnt and erm overcooked fries in return. Accompanying aioli was too watery for further mention.


The duck saved the day - literally. In my dreams I'd love to have a whole duck leg with a pile of pasta, turns out it was shredded duck which was still decently seasoned, my only grouse is there should be more duck. That said, it was a winner for me given the slew of kitchen misadventures.


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