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The Pelican Seafood and Bar Revisited @ One Fullerton

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For starters, I do not consider myself a fish lover, and if I had things my way, maybe raw fish would apply and until The Pelican, having a fish pie to myself was unheard of. Through the years, Pelican Seafood and Bar has been one of those comfort food places that I do not visit often and when I do, I always wish for returns.


Woodfired Grilled Chilli Cheese Corn ($14)


Barely spiced with chilli, this is just grilled corn niblets with cheese at best.


Steamed Broccolini ($14)

Overpriced greens.


Grilled Barramundi ($38)
Spinach, Bacon Salad

napper Pie ($40)
Asparagus, Mushrooms, Cream Sauce

After a mandatory 25 minute wait, my long awaited snapper pie arrived. Baked to golden brown, the snapper pie was expertly knifed and the cream of fish emerged. Piping hot and the portions seem remain the same since I first tried it. Except it just was not as satisfying as I remember it to be.


The Pelican Lobster Burger ($58)
Bacon, Cheese, Old Bay Fries

Move over lobster roll, this lobster burger hits all notes of delicious and more. I loved the chewy bun and firm lobster meat.

Unfortunately, their service levels have hardly been great and is almost scraping on the surfaces of the worst around. First we get shown the door into the alfresco area because we arrived too early, just minutes before their supposed opening hour of 6pm. Then, we asked for a change of table and get faced with a poker faced, straight talking and manager who thinks that they are better off without our business. So unless food is so important that the lack of service is completely acceptable, just steer clear.

The Pelican Seafood and Bar
One Fullerton

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