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The Lime Truck @ Pasarbella, Suntec

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I have to thank Travel and Living for piquing the interest on food trucks, except the part of the world that I belong do, this is a fad. Hooray is having it as one of the concepts within Pasarbella so I can dine in comfort - cues, airconditioning.


With just 3 categories of food options, Tacos, Bowls, Sides and Sweets, it is no brainer what a hungry diner should look at. In my case, I ended up ordering this much.

Tacos is a must order at The Lime Truck, I wish I had the capacity to try all flavours so those attempted are what I'd order based on description.


Fried Chicky ($4.30)
Buttermilk fried chicken, lime seasoning blend, Dijon slaw, pickled mustard seeds, house pickle, flour tortilla, side of ranch

Truth be told, I've not had a life changing butter milk chicken...yet. So this was regular fried popcorn chicken topped with really delicious sauces and salads.


No. #1 Steak ($4.60)
Sweet and spicy steak, soy ginger slaw, wonton skins, cilantro chimichurri, house corn tortilla

The chimichurri itself is acquired, but it worked for me though the sweetness can get to some. Not quite my No. #1 choice for taco flavor.


Grilled Barramundi ($4.60)
Lime seasoning blend, chipotle slaw, guac, lime, house corn tortilla

Loved the crispy skin and sear! Not forgetting the guac as well, this is similar to the greens bowl.

Beef Rib "The Gringo" ($4.60)
Slow braised ribs, buttermilk fried onions, arugula, horseradish sauce, flour tortilla

Ok, we have a winner here. The Gringo crept into my heart and I like how all the flavours came together so deliciously. My guess the trick lies in the buttermilk fried onions.


Lime Truck Rice Bowl ($9.90)
Grilled chicken, green rice, miso pickle raddish, wonton skins, furikake, edamame, pickled vegetables

With eyes closed, it can be passed off as chicken rice except with Asian influences. Otherwise, I thought it worked really well.

Tostade Greens Bowl ($9.90)
Braised short ribs, mixed salad, guac, lime dressing, edamame

The sheer size of the wanton bowl it arrived is certainly jawdropping, but the flakiness of the skin was a turn off for me. I'd prefer it with more bite which is a pity since the rest of the bowl was absolutely yummy.

 Portions are generous at The Lime Truck - did someone say short rib fries are also on the menu?

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