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Stirling Steaks @ East Coast Road

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I love the whole humble beginnings from a coffee shop stall and finally the hardwork pays off and the stall gets upgraded to a proper restaurant - Stirling Steaks is one of these success stories (and while I mourn the closure of Carvers and Co), I welcomed them into the 'hood.


It felt like Carvers and Co with brighter lightings and still very cramped dining conditions.


IG gave a heads up on the queues expected and I highly recommend reserve before going - else face a snaking wait list and alfresco seating.


Haloumi Salad ($11)

Those pan fried goat's cheese disguised as tofu were the hidden tigers in this unassuming salad course. Refreshing with a spot on dressing and those tasty cubes. Classified a must order and I say so too!


Stirling Sliders ($3 each)

Happy hour must have gotten the better of me when I caved into these mini burgers. Soft patties in between toasted buns and a slice of tomato.


Ribeye 250g ($31.90)
Sirloin 250g ($29.90)

And the big wigs are served! We had one of each cut to try and get a sensing of what quality of steaks Stirling serves and head for the ribeye for a more tender and flavourful cut. The sirloin was harder to chew through and leans towards leathery at some point.


That herb butter was mighty delicious I must say.


That said, I do love flame grilled steaks and at the pocket friendly price point, Stirling Steaks is worth a visit.


With a choice of truffle fries or mash, the choice is clear though I must caution against eating with your fork since they strangely tasted better with my hands! These are slightly salted and a tad overfried.

I have my eye on their $9.90 flank steaks so be back soon to report on that!

Stirling Steaks
43 East Coast Road

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