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Salted and Hung Revisited @ Purvis Street

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The last lunch at Salted and Hung was so good, I promised to return just for the sandwiches. And I did.


Corn ($12)
Manchego, Bonito, Chives

The price point of their small plates makes the decision to order a sanga a clearcut one yet I just had to! Portions are enough for 3 and boy, butter and cheese makes the world a happier place indeed. And I cannot fathom why people will not pay for corn. Da bomb, in the making.


Toastie ($13)
Cured Pork Shoulder, Duck Riclette, Black Garlic

Three slices of bread made up this dish, buttered, lathered with riclette and topped with chacuterie cuts, cheese and caramelized onions. Between bites of sweet and savoury, I found heaven. I could go on and on about what else goes into the toastie but it was a moment of - what sorcery is this when I bit into the crispy edged, uber buttery and so satisfying sandwich of the year. 


Offally Good ($13)
Fried Tripe, Oxtail Riclette, Beef Tongue, Pickles

Outwardly, their sangas have undergone a makeover but with all things equal, I am not complaining. Fried tripe is sufficient to keep me happy and the truth is, I am still not an innards person. Only at Salted and Hung.

Their sangas are usually sold over lunch on weekdays and weekend brunches so I am covered as long as I have a craving for one.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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