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PS Cafe @ Raffles City

pscafe1 P.S. Café has finally arrived in town and claimed the accolade of hottest table for the month - reservations are only accepted by phone before 12 noon and the queue forms whilst the restaurant bustles and waiting time goes up to 30 minutes during lunch.


Service is signature of PS Café, warm not intrusive, accommodating not exceptional but I was really there for the ambience and PS signatures (damn us for overordering and I missed out eating the sticky date pudding!)

As a caveat, the portions are huge hence the corresponding price tags.


Beer Battered Fish and Chips
snapper fillet, shoestring fries with homemade tartar, kaffir lime aioli

The crispy batter was so addictive, I could've just eaten that alone and be satisfied. I like how any other fish is used apart from dory as the fillet, loved the kaffir lime aioli and who can resist fries?


The PS Burger
200g wagyu, US chuck patty, vintage cheddar, wilted spinach, crispy smoked bacon, tomato, crispy onions, toasted sesame bun


I find it hard to resist ordering burgers and I succumbed anyhow. Sold on cheese, bacon and crispy onions. The patty was somewhat burnt and overcooked at parts, so I'd just the burger was not the draw for me. Instead of having an overload of fries, we were all thankful for the option to top up $5 to upgrade the fries to P.S. Truffle Fries. Well who would mind truffle fries?


Chicken Parmigiano
Chicken breast, chunky tomato sauce, garlic ciabatta croutons, roasted romas, spinach, mozzarella , grilled lemon

The eye popping colours easily made this dish the most appetizing looking of them all yet it was just a panseared chicken breast topped with tomato sauce, spinach and cheese. Perhaps having a crispy skinned chicken would have worked better.


Norwegian Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Avocado salsa, cucumber and yogurt tartar

If it weren't for the 30 minute wait, the way we wolfed this down is definitely no indication how good the sandwich is. Decent at best, it was one pricey sandwich.


Mushroom and Fennel Sausage Conchiglie
Grilled pork sausage, broccoli, fennel seed, spinach, Riesling, parmesan

This was surprisingly the best dish of the meal, I was most sold on the spicy pork sausages that gave this al dente number plenty of flavor. I actually liked the combination of broccoli, fennel seed as well as spinach.

I was most definitely bummed that I did not get to try their desserts nor the sold out sticky ribs that looked really good! Well, until I have enough guts to battle the queues or score another table over lunch.

P.S. Café
Raffles City

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