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Muji Cafe @ Raffles City

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I love lifestyle cafes and Café Muji was one of those that I've earmarked to visit when they first opened. Thankfully the hype has settled and lunch crowds are more manageable.


There are a number of basic sets available - Japanese and Western. The Japanese set ($8.80) had a side of Minced Chicken, 1 Cold Deli, White Rice, Onsen Egg and Miso Soup. Pretty good portions for ladies.

The menu is fairly simple with a number of sets and ala carte options. Hot dishes ($4.80) and cold dishes ($2.80) are better off ordered ala carte if the carbs do not appeal. They have white rice, a special 4 grain rice and bread rolls.

Selection of 4 Deli ($16.90)

Beef Patty with Yuzu Mushroom Sauce

These meatballs were a tad stiff and on the bland side.

Sakura Chicken with Curry Miso and Dried Chilli

Chef's recommendation with a dry curry rub and crispy skinned chicken cubes. I would have expected some heat at least, but nada. Just pretty decent fried hormone free chicken.

Inari Salad with Ginger Miso Dressing

Clearly I drew no association between inari and sweet beancurd skin hence the overall sweetness of this salad course.

Triple Nut Roasted Pumpkin and Capsicum Salad

Delicious peppers and pumpkin salad. I just wish the portions were bigger.

Honestly if the rice or bread rolls do not appeal, ordering ala carte would save you some pennies. Rice is priced more premium at $3.50 a bowl so the set works better for rice than bread.

Spinach Chicken Hamburger turned out surprisingly very tasty and the patty was not as minced and lacking in bite as expected!

Spicy Yuzu Pork was hardly spicy and by now I am convinced there is no spicy in the dictionary of the Japanese, up against the usual fiery chilli padi fare I am used to. It's more of a teriyaki breaded pork cutlet.

Prawn Couscous Salad with Yuzu-sesame Dressing was on the bland side but those prawns are thankfully not given a shower of bicarbonate.

Pasta Orecchietta Smoked Chicken with Trio Cheese was made for the ultimate cheese lover in mind and this pasta salad was a hearty choice amidst all the cold dishes.


Thick Omelette with Japanese-style Mushroom together with winter specials of grilled Pork Collar with Cranberry Sauce and quinoa and seared Beef Patty with Sundried Tomatoes and Onion Sauce was a selection that clearly won me over because of their looks. Taste wise, the omelette was too bland, pork collar too tough and beef patty reasonable.


Pork Katsu Donburi ($15.90)

Exclusive to Café at MUJI Plaza Singapura, this donburi features a crispy pork katsu drizzled with an amazingly fragrant combination of Japanese mayo and tonkatsu sauce. The onsen egg was too bland to make a difference but overall a delicious one!


Purple Sweet Potato Cake ($7.90)

Sold on its delicious shade of purple, the cake was a lot softer than expected and the chocolate drip too, was absolutely yummy. Mildly sweet, I liked the texture and flavours of it - well it's purple sweet potato!

I like their seasonal specials which keeps the interest alive and curious diners like me drawn back every now and then. Unless one likes your food perpetually cold, their hot dishes could be your only option.

Muji Café
Raffles City
Plaza Singapura

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