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Lina Confectionery & Trading @ Bukit Merah

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Mention Lina and those who know, know. And those who don't, still don't. Infact it was only recently that I realized this multi generational brand, spanning 30 years  and specializing in handmade Indonesian kueh. All the confectionery and kueh kueh are traditionally hand-made using the finest ingredients and the best part is yet to be - quantities are very limited, the shutters are closed once they sell out daily.


Steam Lapis

Visually the colours are dull and there is a lingering sweetness to this that may be unpleasant for some.


Kueh Salat

I like how smooth the kaya is, except the glutionous rice was savoury, strangely.


Bika Ambon

Typically bika ambons are a hits and misses for me. If it is not too sweet, it's too oily.


Onde Onde

My favourite of the lot of kuehs, the skin was slightly thicker but so fragrant and the explosion of gula Melaka was a nice sweet finish.


Kueh Dadar

The gula melaka soaked coconut is the key in this delightful treat.


Kaya Cake

I mistook this for steamed egg cake, regardless it's flavor, I enjoyed the cake nonetheless.

Ang Ku Kueh
Peanut, Green Bean, Yam, Salted Green Bean

This was what they are famous for and for its limited quantities, this was well worth the wait. Did I already mention this is a second visit to score these precious kuehs. Paper thin skin draped around a mould of delicious fillings.

Lina Confectionery and Trading

Block 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1
#01-138 Singapore 150124

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