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Gallery and Co Revisited @ National Art Gallery

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Of late Gallery and Co has become a family favourite hangout because of the spacious corridors and child friendliness - I mean children and museums are the best combination, better still if noise is permitted and National Art Gallery remains a favourite.

Well no better reason to visit the Gallery when food is equally good.


Grilled Tiger Prawn Salad ($15)
Quinoa Corn Salsa, Togarashi, Furikake, Mix Herbs, Konbu, Mix Salad, Tumeric Lemon Grass infused Oil

Of all their salads, this stood out for presentation and being the least salad-like of them all. Fresh prawns with heaps of furikake seasoning and the corn salsa that clearly deluded us.


Marinated Beetroot Quinoa ($10.50)
Chopped Egg, Fresh Herbs, Honey-Lemon Vinaigrette Oil

In comparison, this was way grassier than the prawn salad.


Grilled Beef Salad ($16.80)
Angus Bistro Fillet marinated, Ginger Soy, Green Papaya Asian Slaw

This together with the Prawn salad are made for carnivores.


Mushroom Quiche ($8)

Buttery and almost too milky for a quiche, the pastry left little to shout over. I'd say pass on this.


Spiced Roast Chicken Leg ($17)
Coriander Garlic Pesto, Eggplant Salad

I always refer this as the healthier chicken rice, great for days I am feeling healthier. Not to mention the underdog, eggplant salad!


Pork Belly In Soy Sauce ($20)
Slow cooked Pork Belly, Bellpepper Relish, Braised Pork Skin, Garlic Soy Sauce Glaze

Lor bak, reinterpreted and this came with such an appetizing bell pepper relish and soy sauce glaze. I am missing a braised egg to complete this braise business.


Otak Otak Taco ($17)
Battered Mackerel Otak, Roasted Corn and Fresh Herbs Salsa, Chilli Aioli, Fresh Lime

All the otak talk made me crave this otak taco, the best of its kind and really I am always more than willing to pay for a solid good otak than cheap half assed effort ones. Thick slab of otak with visible mackerel chunks and served in a taco - so good.


Mushroom Pasta ($15)
Roasted Mushrooms, Cream Sauce, 63 Degree Egg, Truffle Oil

I don't remember their pasta being this bad - so bland that even a dash of truffle and salt could not save.


Steak and Fries ($28)
Confit Shallots, Mustard Tarragon Sauce


Beef Burger and Fries ($20)

Both beef options were hearty and kept the men happy. I guess the grouse would be its portions.


Lemongrass Ribs ($18)

Still so gratifying, this is the har jeong kai of ribs.


Mao Shan Wang Durian Icecream ($5)

I blame mao shan wang being the deal sealer and I was actually surprised how unassumingly pungent and indulgent this was - except the unacceptable ice shards that greeted every now and then.

Purple Sweet Potato Tart ($9.50)
Potato Puree,  Japanese Purple Sweet Potato Puree, Japanese Azuki Red Bean Chantilly Almond Cream and Chocolate Tart

All the Japanese confectionaries must have over pampered me and I thought the flavours appealed only on paper. The whipped almond cream, red beans, sweet potato puree and chocolate tart was not harmonious together.

Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($9.50)

Too light for my liking, I'd love a punchier cake with more texture. Less on buttercream, more on gula Melaka please.


Ondeh Ondeh Macaron ($3.50)

They failed as miserably as the cake, too sweet and crumbly.

I guess dessert is not Gallery and Co's forte and we will continue to visit for as long as those ribs and tacos are on the menu.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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