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Fat Cow Revisited @ Camden Medical

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Lunch at Fat Cow's is always a treat, somehow I've gone past seeking the most value for money wagyu don and have come to terms with paying for quality.


Fat Cow Premium Donburi ($98)

Having tried their uber value for money wagyu set lunches, I thought why not for their special edition - and I guess the only way of finding out what makes the premium is to try it for myself. Ha, all sorts of justifications sometimes.


Portions are definitely larger - more beef, rice and I get a special topping of caviar, ikura roe and uni. Strangely at such a price tag, I'd have imagined a kagoshima cut at least or more marbling, the beef at medium rareness was delicious but missing out on the melt in the mouth.

Which then made this bowl of wagyu beef foie gras don more precious because of the foie gras and sea urchin.

The hilarity about this was the onsen egg which I gingerly avoided breaking because, judge me not but I prefer my eggs hard boiled or three quarts boiled. And he had to say it as it is, pun intended "I hate to break it to you but the egg has to be broken."


Runny mess it sure was which gave the rice a creaminess to it.


Warabi Mochi ($18)
Housemade seasoned with green tea and roasted soy bean flour

It is a little different everytime I have warabi mochi, and the fact of the matter is, nowhere else have I eaten anything close to Japan (yet I continue trying!). These are firm and sticky jelly that holds up pretty well against the brown sugar sauce and soy bean powder.

If not for the entertainer app which made this suddenly value for money and prices this on par with their lunch sets, I may have problems parting with the money at full price.

Fat Cow
Camden Medical

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