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Doubletree By Hilton @ Johor Bahru

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Since Bliss Boutique and subsequently, Renaissance Hotel, our staycations across the causeway came to a halt. Doubletree by Hilton has been causing quite a buzz amongst Singaporeans for favourite hotel for a staycation and we decided to check it out.


Their cushy reception area that is usually so filled with people, it is like a market place.


Welcome cookies, the Hilton way.


Noob me was wondering what the fuss was about when guests all had a packet in hand. Turns out some guests remember them as part of the experience.


Best eaten warm!


Room tour begins with a walk into double beds.


I wish every staycation had spacious toilets but the proportioning of space is clearly lopsided when the size of the toilet was almost the same as the room. King Executive Room with Lounge Access was no different from their normal rooms, infact the layout was such that we ended up with small toilets.




Lounge area that usually fills up quickly before breakfast and snack times.




DSC_4156 DSC_4157 DSC_4160 DSC_4161 DSC_4137

Lounge Access just guaranteed we had breakfast in the lounge, tea time nibbles and drinks and a business center. Great as pre meal fillers and perfect for those with kids.

We spent some time at the pool splashing around and the bub had some fun plucking flowers and kicking water. Life of a mom, aye.

Centrally located, it has ample dining options around the area but overall the hotel was less ideal for a quiet and relaxing staycation. The hotel was constantly full of guests at any time of the day.

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