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Butahage @ Liang Court

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My first Butadon was unfortunately or fortunately in Tokyo on a wintry evening and after a failed attempt at a Robatayaki, it was the sweetest rejection ever and rendered my bowl the sweetest revenge I could have exacted. With the money I was well prepared to spend at the Robatayaki, I could have eaten it every meal for a full two weeks and more.

And somehow since that insanely good bowl, I have not bothered with any others locally - knowing deep down there will be no comparison.

With an empty outlet, I was only glad that food would arrive so fast and prompt in true Japanese speed - and I was not disappointed.

I am not doubting their close to 100 years of expertise Butahage has in Japan and Singapore being their first overseas outlet, expectations are high. Plenty of secrets surround the don from the sauce to pigs chosen and finally rice.


Premium Butadon ($22.80)


I'm not sure how authentic their menu is, given how there is just one dish with premium Japanese pork, the others are from USA. Hence the price difference as well. Well food naturally took a snap of a finger to arrive and there were 6 slices starring back at me atop those grain pearls.

Over anticipation could have killed my experience and the pork though adequately fatty was hardly as tasty as a kurobuta cut. In fact, hovering on rubbery and not worth the premium we paid for.

Liang Court 02-32/33

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