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Big Sake Bar @ Concorde Skyline

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~Invited Session~


Big Sake Bar is a hole in wall, unassuming izakaya that is big on food, service, and sakes. With a large selection of 40 different types of sakes and whiskeys, diners can be guaranteed of a happy night ahead.

Omakase menu $88 nett is available for dinner from Mondays to Sundays, 6-11pm and with advanced reservations only.


This looks a lot like the izakayas in Japan.


Best seats in the house.

Century Egg Tofu

The egg tofu is painstakingly made by Chef Andy and topped with an all time favourite century egg sauce and sprinkled with tempura bits. Texturally very pleasing and most importantly, so tasty!


Spot them sashimi platters being prepared!

DSC_0508 DSC_0513

Sashimi Platter


I like how the usual suspects are presented yet in an unpredictable manner. Normally I get salmon, tuna, tuna belly if I pay enough and sword fish. My salmon was torched beautifully leaving a charred fragrance, prawn, sword fish and mackerel.


Wagyu Beef Sirloin

Sliced thin, the marbling of the beef renders this tender and melt in the mouth.


Chef torches his meats a fair bit and it was therapeutic watching him in action.


Wagyu Beef Maki

The handrolls I've eaten are usually plump and almost spilling over with ingredients, this was a skinny version with an extra crispy seaweed wrap with fluffy rice and that precious portion of torched wagyu.


Negitoro Don


Served with a raw quail's egg, this gave a creamy finish to my minced tuna rice bowl. If only portions can be bigger, this would be a definite must order on their ala carte menu!


A somewhat not so expected sushi platter with seasonal items and that fried prawn head is umami maximum with its crunchy exterior and rich flavor.


And these briney fish roe orbs.


Asari Miso Soup packed with plump clams is a very reason why I shun instant miso soups.


Yuzu Icecream


A tokkuri of guest's choice of saka is available at a supplement of $20. Diners get a choice of Toyo Bijin, Nabeshima "Pink Label" or Karakuchi Ki-ippon.


I am already tempted to return for their highly raved after Aburi Hotate and their range of sakes! Speak with Daniel, one of their co-owners for a recommendation or two!


Their humble sake list.

I love how they definitely lived up to their big on food, service and sake mantra plus the whole vibe of the place is unpretentious and welcoming. More late night hangouts here for sure and if it helps, they are also on Entertainer! Psst, always reserve because this place is getting big with their regulars too.

Big Sake Bar
Concorde Skyline

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