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Yantra by Hemant Oberoi @ Tanglin Mall

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Amongst the things growing up, our exposure to Indian food is something I really appreciate. And it's beyond the introductory dishes of prata, curries and murtabaks even. My family ranks Yantra as a favourite for classic North Indian dishes.

Since the last visit, the restaurant has undergone several changes with Chef Hemant Oberoi onboard.


Papadum crackers came with a mildly hot dip.


Tandoori Chicken ($25, Half)

Indian fried chicken with a spice rub so tantalizing, I always find it such a tough choice between indian and malay fried chicken.


Masala Seabass ($38)
Spinach, Mushrooms

Crisped seabass on a bed of wilted spinach and mushrooms, this was least Indian in terms of flavours and definitely a dish to order.


Prawns Butter Garlic ($42)

Butter and garlic cannot get more complementary in this prawn dish, I loved the flavours and the remaining grits are prefect with their basmati rice too!


Chicken Tikka Makhani ($40)

Their version of  butter chicken, so creamy and sedap! This is just the reason why naans and basmati rice is a must order.


Martabaan ka Meat ($46)

Lamb is a must at Yantra's, none of the gameyness and pairing of potatoes made this less predictable and still delectable.


Baingan Saraf ($30)
Smoked Brinjal Mash with Spices

I love brinjals with a vengeance and this is a game changer - brinjal mash is the bomb in its icky and stickiness. Throw in spice and heat, absolutely sold.


Tawa Chicken Pulao ($38)
Chicken and Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice is our national pride, Indian Chicken Rice ups those stakes. Basmati grains coated generously with the curry rub and mixed in with tender chicken chunks. Perhaps ghee was sneaked in too but that is a mere speculation.


Garlic Naan ($10)
Goat Cheese and Onion Seed Naan ($18)

This rice and naan war is real. Even when these handpulled goodies won, the flavours are a tough battle for favourite. The garlic is evenly spread out for an explosion of flavours in every bite. Goat cheese definitely takes some getting used to even when I am a hardcore cheese fan. The smell accompanying it was somewhat pungent.

Still a trusted family favourite, selection of dishes is important and standards have certainly improved since!

Yantra by Hermant Oberoi
Tanglin Mall

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