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Tuck Shop Revisited @ Guillemard Road

~Invited Session~

Tuck shop reminds me of a school canteen - ah the memories of being young and boring, once. So now going to the tuckshop brings about a different set of memories - no longer boring at least. This neighbourhood joint is hip, casual and friendly.

Sundown is when it comes alive, quite literally.


Platter by Locals ($26)
Mid wings, Carrot Cake, Pork Chop Fingers, Gyoza


Carrot cake got me hooked, instead of the usual char tow kuay, this is close to XO carrot cake with a crispy layer. Those wings, pork chop fingers and gyoza are perfect with beer! Now you know why I say it comes alive sundown? Even their food is catered for that purpose.


Green Fingers ($10)
Gratin Asparagus

Cheese and asparagus actually tasted better than I thought - crunchy and cheesy! I'd have loved it to the moon and back if the cheese were molten. Cheese porn, alert.


Beefilicious Noodles ($18)
Ribeye, Black Pepper Sauce


For some reason this reminded me of black pepper horfun, the flavours were nailed and for once, I do like dry beef noodles. Instead of pasta, laksa noodles gave this an added bite, I love how my noodles do not get soggy.


Beef On Heat ($29)
Angus Stirloin, Hua Diao Jiu Sauce

More beef with this tasty number and to die for sauce! Hua diao definitely adds plenty of flavor to any dish.


Cookie Sandwich ($10)
Hazelnut and Vanilla Icecream

Simply chocolate chip cookies with icecream - definitely a novel way of having icecream without getting my hands sticky.


Strongbow Float ($16)
Strongbow Gold Cider, Vanilla Icecream

Milkshake made for adults with a generous dollop of icecream and spiked with cider.

Dishes were satisfying and best of all, eaten in the comfort of the air conditioned room....I mean don't we all crave some form of comfort when the heat gets too much and cravings for local hawker food gets too strong?

#dontsaybojio, they are running at 30% discount of all food items if diners order via the waitrr app - available in apply and play store!

Tuck Shop
403 Guillemard Road

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