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Poison Ivy Bistro @ Neo Tiew Road

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Never in my wildest dreams would I have traipsed half an island to Kranji Countryside for a morning of...going back to nature. I mean technically, it is already modernized and less rustic than they started out to be. And the wonders of motherhood sometimes, so thank god for an airconditioned respite after sweating out with the goats and plants.


Tours for the adventurous.


Part of Bollywood Veggies is Poison Ivy Bistro, very  aptly christianed after their founder Miss Ivy Singh and I was stoked to try their local delights. I was very bummed when I only spotted the weekend specials after placing my order - Ah, mee soto with bergedil, please wait for me!


A very spacious cashier area with home made treats to purchase as well!


Warrior's Platter ($20 for 2)
Tempura, Bolly Wings, Dahl, Warrior's Chicken Curry, Warrior's Fish, Mixed Vegetables


DSC_7104 DSC_7106

This is one of three sharing platters and had more protein than the Nasi Lemak or Vegetarian (for obvious reasons). All things fried and equal, I thought the bolly wings were tasty, tempura bits a tad oily and warrior's fish a pretty decent fish and chips with spicy sauce.


Nasi Lemak Rice ($1)

Sold on the peaflower blue dye, this was rich in fragrance and coconut milk.


Otah Omelette ($8)


Fluffy egg blanket over a chunk of mackerel stuffed otah.


Garlic Bun ($2)


It was only at the point of paying for my meal that these were offered to me, "fresh off the oven" nudged one of the ladies working in the kitchen.

And I caved in; afterall how often would I make this journey to the west. Filled with garlic paste, the cottony soft bread and this was just what garlic bread should be - a pungent kind of delicious.


Kueh Bingka ($4)
Baked Tapioca Cake


Kueh Kosui ($4)
Steamed Palm Sugar Cake

The texture of the kuehs are denser than the more commercial ones sold and less sweet which was a major plus point. Both are worth a try!

There is a farmer's market outside the bistro and I was seriously tempted to get one of those pots of herbs. If anything, I am game for a return visit to fully explore the farm!

Poison Ivy Bistro
100 Neo Tiew Road

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