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Moippai Izakaya @ East Point

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~Invited Session~


Moippai Izakaya at East Point is the mall's latest joint and possibly one of the few izakayas within the vicinity


On top of a wallet friendly Japanese mains and tapas menu, drinks is also part of their repertoire for a perpetual happy hour.


All day drink deals!





Somen Sticks ($6)

These were impossible to finish though they were great to snack on whilst waiting for the other dishes to arrive. My main grouse is these sticks were too thin for any shiok factor and they crumble too easily.


Maguro Cream Cheese ($8)

It reminded me of a shorter version of rubrick's cube with torched cheese and maguro cubes.


Chazuke ($6)


Moippai Izakaya uses rice from Koshihikari, one of the larget rice producing rice prefectures in Niigata and this grain is known for its fragrance, sweetness and sticky texture. This is evident in a number of dishes showcased that night.

Chazuke needed a dash of seasoning to render this comforting rainy day food.


Otherwise their side dish of pickles are good enough eaten with the dish.


Tebasaki, Gyu, Gyu Enoki, Unagi


Look at the gorgeous char!


Shiitake Mushroom, Broccoli, Cucumber

These skewers were priced so affordable, these are easy to finish by the tens of skewers by the end of meal.


Sashimi Moriawase ($38)
Argentinean Aka Ebi, Maguro, Hokkaido Hotate, Norwegian Salmon, Hamachi


Aka Ebi Aburi ($3 per piece)
Argentinean giant red shrimp


Nama Hotate Aburi ($3 per piece)
Hokkaido scallop with golden fish roe

Their aburi sushis are a steal considering the premium ingredients used.


Ebi Fry Tanuki ($16)
Prawn maki with tempura batter, spicy tuna sauce, mentaiko

These proved to be a crowd hit with the younger crowd with colourful creations and a smattering of lipsmacking irresistible ingredients. My weakest link happens to be spicy tuna and mentaiko.


Service is impeccable, almost too cute and too sincere with these cute as a button waitresses bowing with every service encounter. Not to forget the trigger happy high pitched tones that makes my toes curl in slight annoyance.

Granted they are trying to position the bar as one that you'd likely to encounter in Taiwan or the Land of the Rising Sun but too much may not be a great thing.

Pocket friendly prices, over zealous service and a breath of fresh air in the East.

Moippai Izakaya
East Point

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