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Lucca's Trattoria Revisited @ Robertson Walk

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It did not take very long before we were back at Lucca's - good meals are always worth revisits.


The counter where pizza dreams are baked.


I look forward to basket of hearty carbs and Lucca's focaccia cubes are worth the while.


We clearly did not have enough of their focaccia and continued our bread obsession with an order of Bruschetta ($10).


Panzanella Insalata ($12) was the answer to a refreshing salad with snow white parmesan shavings, pine nuts and toasted ciabatta. Told you we are obsessed with their bread!


Parmesan and Truffle Fries ($11)
White Truffle Oil, Truffle Aioli

Truffle fries always get me at hello. Shower a blanket of parmesan shavings and you've got me officially on board.


Chicken Milanese ($25)

It was a tough choice trying not to order our favourites from the last visit - and try as I might, I still did. Of all the non-Korean and non-American restaurants doing fried chicken, I must admit chicken Milanese is a personal favourite for fried chicken chops. The brilliant pairing with black pepper, bacon and mushroom gravy ups the oomph factor by so many notches, fried chicken does not always have to be finger licking yummy to be classified as best fried chicken.


Tuscan Pork Loin ($29)
The pork however, was a completely different story with tougher than nails meat and a mehdinary creamed spinach and orange glace. I guess after all the spectacular dishes we have had, it was almost unbelievable nothing on their menu was ordinary.


Polpo Capellini ($28)
Grilled octopus in squid-ink capellini

Twice as charmed. A definite must order with this tastiest squid ink in town dish. I kid you not about tastiest accolade - the noodles are on point, seasoning too and my dark knight in shining armour has impressed me twice over consistently. Loved it!


Aglio e Olio ($16)
5 Prawns ($6)

I swear I would've given a pass on this dish based on past mediocre brushes with the aglio olio. A dish that can go so right, yet so wrong for all the reasons. This definitely went right, and so much more. The spiciness that creeps up is beautifully executed, I would have listed this as much of a favourite as the squid ink is.


Liver Bacon and Marsala ($24)
Tagliatelle with seared chicken livers with bacon rashers deglazed with marsala and finished with a monte of butter. Does that already sound luxurious? I never embraced chicken livers with this much love before and I holler - bring on the liver from now on! Buttery, savoury and so punchy. Now I have trouble deciding what really stood out!


Bolognese ($19) was at long last, an ordinary dish. Something homecooks can also master and pull off quite easily with a good premade sauce.


Proscuitto and Rucola ($24) was a good choice amidst the list of delicious sounding pizza flavours. Like bacon, prosciutto is one single ingredient that makes anything taste good.


I was drawn to the peablue hues - how pretty can gelato get?


Sicilian Bronte Pistachio ($7.70)

Granted I was mentally prepared this would not replace a trip back to Italy but it was close enough - creamy, nutty and a tad sweet.

Second visit down and I am already lusting for a third.

Lucca's Trattoria
Robertson Walk

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