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Half Pound Burger Bar and Grill @ Purvis Street

~Invited Session~


Half Pound Burger joins the likes of Saveur Art and Salted and Hung on the same street offering up affordable bar bites and fusion dishes.


Xalapa Pepper ($12)
Sautéed Green Chilli, Salt, Pepper

These green hot chilli peppers were actually marinated peppers and fried, great with beer and reminded me of jalapenos in burgers.


Seafood Salad ($16)

Expect a sweet and spicy salad with thai chilli sauce drizzled all over the grilled seafood.


Mushroom Soup ($10)


Laksa Spaghetti ($16)
Homemade Laksa sauce

Between Tom Yum and Laksa, the chef decided laksa for us and fair enough, a legitimate take with laksa noodles, a tasty laksa dry rub and the full works of laksa without hums!


Malaysia Boleh ($20)
Beef wrapped in egg, Shredded Green Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese, Signature Butter Sauce, Fries


Does this scream Ramly Burger already?

While I have not actually had a powerhouse Ramly Burger before but this worked for me, even for a regular juicy beef burger and I hardly say so of burgers without bacon slipped in for the extra smokeyness. Once again the signature butter sauce made an appearance and I'd say this burger was hearty and lived up to the Malaysia Boleh tag.


Sticky Date Pudding ($12)

Unfortunately, this was contentious - way too sweet for me and it was more of a kueh than cake.


Wash it all down with a beer off the taps, cheers!

Lunch specials are extra tempting with selected burgers going at half sized!

Half Pound Burger Bar and Grill
8 Purvis Street

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