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Captain K Seafood Tower @ Middle Road

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~Invited Session~


Captain K Seafood Tower was one of the first names that brought in steamed tower seafood and who'd have thought a stint in South Korea put an idea in the owner, Kenneth's mind and here we are with a localized version of the original concept! Lots of localisations have been done, from choice of dips to now soup broths.


But first, tuck into their kimchi appetizers. So yummy we had countless refills.


Melon milkshake came with the melon icecream on stick - so literal! And filling, so I'd caution against ordering this if you want to keep your appetite for the food!


Being a teochew himself and growing up with steamed dishes, the new additions of steamed cold crab and oven baked crab were inspired by his roots.


Teochew steamed crabs are usually eaten chilled and Captain K serves their Sri Lankan crabs with seasalt. The crabs are heavily brined and is a good dish to share! As for the baked crabs, I prefer this over the steamed mainly for the smoked flavours and the copious amount of roe.


Everyone gets a bib and a pair of gloves for the crab feast!


They have a separate sauce counter for the seafood tower and hot pot.


No prizes for guessing my picks - thai chilli and sambal belachan.


Not entirely freeflow but you can pick out additional ingredients for hotpot!


5 tiers ($128.90)

Their signature dish was served in half its glory - 5 tiers usually feeds 4 nicely but with the headstart with had with the crabs, these 5 tiers were more than enough. Half Shell Scallops, Oysters, Blue Mussels, Prawns and big prawns were all so fresh. Time control is essential in steaming seafood, otherwise they end up rubbery and overcooked. Captain K clearly got their game right with juicy clams, prawns cooked to precision and those oysters especially!


DSC_7569 DSC_7571 DSC_7573 DSC_7559

Clearly we were overfed because on top of the five tiers, we had ala carte orders!


Servers are on standby to help deshell these babies, how pampered!


Pork belly in hotpot is a must, better still if shaved even thinner.


Why you no sashimi? These are so fresh and if I can I'd have polish them neat raw.


Ma la soup base.


Tom Yum.

By the time I made it to the last and final course - I was filled beyond the brim.

New on the menu are 3 different soup bases, mala, tomato and tom yum. All three are pleasant and can definitely do with more spice.


More pork and beef.


Vegetable platter and those beancurd skin rolls are a must.


Do you also love a table brimming with so much food? Because I do and just looking at it makes me uber happy.


The arrival of the lobster.


I'd never quite imagine finding such fresh and sweet seafood out of a seafood restaurant - I mean, these restaurants specialize in them right?

The journey on Captain K Seafood left very good and delicious memories, you bet I will be back!

Captain K Seafood
112 Middle Road, #01-00 Midland House

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